Only the brands you love. Personalized, insider treatment just for you.

All in your own private world.

Primoux is for Consumers...

...and for Luxury Brands

The web surveillance spies

The Web = Surveillance.

Silicon Valley tracks and compiles everything we do online — even luxury shopping. Every relationship and communication is under surveillance. And, yes, everywhere you go with that smartphone in your pocket is tracked.

That's a drag: Surveillance = low-rent.

Shouldn't you demand better — especially from luxury purveyors?

The surveillance sales push

Why? Surveillance = $$$

It’s all about getting you to buy more stuff!

Silicon Valley wants to push more finely targeted ads into your social media feeds, email, searches, and computer/tablet/phone screens while surfing and shopping.

Surrendering our privacy is the price we must pay for the "free" Web, right?

The protected, private relationship with your brand BFF through Primoux

But not at Primoux.

We believe luxury consumers deserve better than the low-rent secret surveillance routine served up by Silicon Valley.

Here luxury means we care only about loyalty - between you and your luxury brand BFFs.

Primoux is a brand new, yet radically simple way to elevate ecommerce to an authentic luxury experience, matching what you demand in real-life luxury.

Consumers in their private Primoux iWorld

Primoux is about...

  • Real relationships with your best brand BFFs — without the surveillance.
  • Discerning consumers loyal only to the products they love — not just "like".
  • High-end brands that deliver authentic excellence in-store and online — no more compromised Web experiences.
  • Challenging Silicon Valley's prevailing Surveillance Paradigm for ecommerce with the Primoux Paradigm — based on trust built through real relationships.

So, how does it work?

1. Become a Member — Anonymously

Just a username and password is all you need to get started.

We don't need to know who you are, so no email spam, no secret surveillance, and no sales of your private information—ever.

Your free membership creates your own iWrld—your central hub for all your luxury browsing, research, and purchases, both online and offline.

From now on, whenever you see "+iWrld" or a Primoux QR code in an ad or in a boutique, you can safely and painlessly add a new relationship to your stable of brand BFFs—without the surveillance.

2. Personalize Your iWrld

You then choose which luxury brands you consider as "primoux" brands: the best of the best, worthy of your trust and loyalty.

With a simple click, you choose to allow only those brands into your personalized iWrld. You have now initiated a direct relationship with those brands, by alerting them that you are a loyal customer and consider them worthy of an ongoing relationship based on trust and respect.

While Primoux is not a coupon or "deal" service, your relationship might include, from time to time, insider-only special offers and/or events.

But not just any brand is allowed into the rarefied Primoux universe. While the choice is totally yours, we cater only to proven companies that offer premium products and experiences. (So, no, you won't find Sears or Burger King at Primoux.)

Here's the (really) good part: No one—not even Primoux—tracks what happens between you and your brand BFFs. Your iWrld is all about your brand relationships: It is a Surveillance-Free Zone—exactly what you expect and demand in your real-life luxury experiences, right?

3. Customize Your Luxury Lifestyle

We understand that modern luxury lifestyles cover every aspect of the well-lived life: from wealth management that finances our lifestyles to health and wellness services that ensure we can live our dreams to the luxe goods and services that bring us delight.

Accordingly, we will offer options—continuously updated—across the luxury spectrum from which you may choose brands that enhance your aspirational lifestyle. These include leaders in consumer segments that enhance luxury lifestyles: Education; Entertainment/Sports; Financial Services; Health/Pharma/Wellness; Tech; Telco.

Other categories include such industry segments as: Art; Cosmetics/Fragrances; Fashion; Food & Wine; Home/Furnishings; Jewelry; Leather Goods; Luxury Autos; Luxury Real Estate; Travel-related (hotels, villas, jets, etc.); Watches; etc.

4. Engage and Enjoy Your Brand BFFs

Once private, surveillance-free VIP relationships are initiated with your favorite brands, you can now share exactly what you're interested in.

Your brand BFFs will use our "push" technology to update your iWrld with the latest and greatest info you want to see—and only that info. No email spam. No secret surveillance to track your every move on the Web and in the real world (via your smartphone).

You see, now that you and your brand BFFs already have a close relationship there's no need to stalk your every move in order to guess at what you'd like to buy.

So which is better: a) a real relationship based on trust and respect; or b) a "personalized" experience based on what Silicon Valley's best algorithmic guesses say you're likely to buy, fed by secret surveillance designed to compile a deep psychological profile of your habits and relationships?

5. Rock Your VIP Insider Status—Worldwide

Real relationships have privileges.

A 50%-off coupon may be nice, but the best stuff is worth the cost—as long as the service and quality create a true premium experience. On the other hand, Louis Vuitton or BMW aren't interested in the Internet masses praying for an 80%-off sale—"Deal Ends at 5pm!"—because these hordes are only looking for a "deal" and don't truly appreciate such premium wares.

Primoux extends your iWrld relationship privileges to real-world stores as well, via our mobile apps. So you can, for example, browse and research online, and then visit an actual boutique or dealer to inspect the product in the flesh. Scanning a simple QR code keeps every purchase synced, so your brands always know you're a VIP, whether online or offline.

6. Bask in

We believe luxury buyers deserve better treatment than the secret surveillance routine.

We think such treatment is seriously low-rent and undervalues the loyal luxury consumer. Ultimately, we think it shows a lack of respect for the world's best consumers—you.

Silicon Valley doesn't think it's a big deal that it continuously tracks your habits—offline and online—and is betting you don't either. The thing is, it doesn't have to be this way.

Every time you use your Primoux luxury iWrld hub, you are sending luxury brands and Silicon Valley a message: I demand the same luxury treatment online as I do in the real world, with all the respect, privacy, and exquisite discretion I'd expect in one of your boutiques.

Woman with luxury products

Privacy is the New Luxury.